Utopia Props Owner Bio

Hi! I’m James, the owner, designer, and sole craftsman of Utopia Props. I created Utopia Props as way to pursue my passion for making things. When I was a kid, I was always fascinated by how movies were made and enjoyed watching behind the scenes.  I always watched a TV show called Movie Magic. However, where I grew up there were no places to learn those crafts and no “YouTube” or Internet access so I took a different career path. 

Decades later I realized that I still enjoyed making things especially movie props.  During this time, I have gained extensive personal experience in conceptualizing, researching, designing, and completing a wide variety of projects utilizing design replication, computer design, sewing, leather working, electrical wiring, plumbing, welding, machining and building skills.

I have replicated the entire Star Lord costume from scratch except for the base jacket. I displayed the outfit at several So Cal RPF Prop Parties in Burbank, CA where I received numerous compliments from professional prop makers on the accuracy and high-quality workmanship of my replicas. With those compliments i decided that this is what i’m passionate about.

At that point, I wanted to do more, so I created Utopia Props. I came up with the idea as I find creating and making things to be peaceful, and relaxing.  With Utopia Props, I can combine my creativity and craftsmanship in making movie props to provide people an opportunity to own replicas of props used in some of the Marvel® and Star Wars® movies.

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